Make Yourself a Sight to Behold

As you view the new fashions of spring and summer you shouldn’t overlook your eyewear.  Many people think of eyeglasses and frames as “accessories”; they forget how much the right eyeglass frame can mean to one’s overall appearance and identity.  One can go from the stern appearance of a desk clerk to the cool style of a singer or the flashy glasses of an outdoorsperson.  The selection offered by Coastal is endless and their effects may be magical; the image that is drawn by others will stay with them far beyond a change of jewelry or outerwear.

When selecting your frames keep in mind the wardrobe you will most likely be wearing.  Styles can be for work, casual living, formal outings, or active wear.  You might consider which kind of glasses and frames will be most consistent with your purpose.  Horn-rimmed frames might be most appropriate for business or educational environments but not what one wants when frequently involved in outdoor daytime activities; instead you might prefer something lighter and less formal.  Similarly, heavily tinted lenses or stylish metal frames may be inappropriate for business or commercial activities.  You can use a Groupon promo code to get significant price reductions of up to 50% off the list price from Coastal for the frame style you select.

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A wise approach is to have two sets of glasses, with one pair for more formal activities and another for less formal or casual environments.  One can have one pair lightly tinted – to prevent extreme glare but not so much that ones’ eyes are invisible – while another pair may be tinted as regular sunglasses.  If – as many today do – you wear glasses that have multiple functions (often referred to as “progressive lenses”) then you’ll want to be capable of wearing them in all situations.  And you may seriously want to consider using polarizing lenses as another way to deal with bright sunlight and glare.  Finally, you want lenses that are shatterproof and scratch-resistant.  This becomes even more important if you are often in places where glasses can be dropped or scratched, like in a day-care center, a schoolroom, or an active work environment.  Protection of your eyesight should be a paramount concern, so use a Groupon coupon to get great glasses from Coastal at unbelievable prices.