Simple Hacks to Accessorize Your Hijab

Being a Muslim woman you must have felt that all of your outfits are almost similar in appearance. The thought of accessorising them must have crossed your mind now and then. You can choose to add some extra flavours to your regular outfit by keeping certain ideas in mind. This article is all you need to know about modest outfits and their simple accessories that will help in creating a charming appearance.

Trendy Accessories


Accessories for your modest clothing might not be just limited to rings and necklaces. There is a whole arena of new pieces swarming up the fashion industry just to turn your outfit into a trendy modest clothing. Even if you are going with a plain and simple abaya, you can add some sparkle to it with minute accessories. If you are not the one with a hijab, you can improvise on these ideas to get results as you desire.

Headbands are an easy and subtle way to add some character to your dressing. The best thing about headbands is that there are loads to choose from. You will find plentiful options pertaining to different weathers and occasions. Going with flowers in the spring season is highly recommended. If you have a party to attend, you can opt for something that is craved with jewels and precious stones. You can also go with bows which are never bound to go out of style if you are not particularly in the mood to dress fancy. Headbands are the best when you want put the minimum effort and time in accessorizing, yet want to appear effortlessly chic.

You must be aware of teekas, a type of South Asian jewellery that are commonly worn by brides. Their appeal has made them quite popular in the western fashion market as well. Hence, you can practically get them anywhere and everywhere. Teekas range from simple to heavily fashionable ones. Depending on the occasion women’s modest dresses can be accessorized adequately. Teekas come with hooks which are extremely helpful in clutching to your hijab. Make sure you have an abundance of safety pins to keep them intact.

If you are not satisfied with headbands or teekas, you can go look in your jewellery closet for a necklace. I am sure you will have at least one chain or necklace that isn’t long enough to be worn beneath your hijab. Make the most of it and turn it into your favourite head gear. It is one simple hack that is used by hundreds of women everyday to cancel out the dullness of a plain hijab. The alternate name of such chains and necklaces in the South Asian culture is maatha Patti. Maatha Pattis can also be tried out with South Asian outfits. They are beautiful to look at, almost similar to a tiara.

If you carry out these hacks judiciously, you will never end by looking dull and boring any time of the day. Hope all these accessories are immensely helpful in solving your dilemma regarding accessorizing your hijab in the best possible way.